Some Feeding Issues You Should Known

Some Feeding Issues You Should Known

As for little baby,We determine what,when,how much they eat. So we should known the scientific feeding skills in their growth and development to ensure the healthy growth of your child. The following lists are some mistakes in feeding,let's know about them to avoid these mistakes again!

1.Once baby cry,feeding
The only way baby express his emotion is crying.Because they are too small and can't talk with us,so crying is the special way to communicate with parents.Many new mommies don't known what's the meaning of crying at first,they just think the baby may be hungry,so they feed them once baby is crying.But you may don't know the baby crying is not only they are hungry,sometimes it may be that the diaper is wet, or they pooped, lying tired, or they want someone to accompany with him, etc.So as a new mommy,we should known about why baby crying at first.We shouldn't feed them once they are crying,it is easy to cause overfeeding.

2.Feeding thick milk when sleeping
As parents,we always have to feed them once the baby wake up because he is Hungry,so that we can't sleep well.In order to not to wake up at night frequently, some parents will make the milk more thicker for baby before going to bed, to make sure the baby is not easy to get hungry at night, and it is not easy to wake up.
But they may don't know that they did it wrong.Feeding thick milk before going to bed is not good for baby's gastrointestinal tract & sleep.Sometimes you may find that baby have bad breath in the morning because of indigestion.Therefore, we should not do it again.

3.Add Auxiliary Food
Some parents may think that feed baby with auxiliary food,the baby will grow fast and be more stronger. As everyone knows, adding auxiliary food too early is not well to your child's health.Because the baby's gastrointestinal tract is immature, premature addition of complementary foods may cause indigestion. It is recommended to breastfeed in 6 months, and then add auxiliary food to feed 6 months or older baby, and don't add too much each time.

4.Eat Salt Food Too Early
The baby's auxiliary food is light and tasteless,so mommy may think that the baby don't like to eat because of without salt. When you feed your baby, you will habitually add a little salt. In fact, small babies do not need salt. Eating food with salt too early is not good for child. So as for babies who are not eat salt before,the original taste food is good. Therefore, it is recommended that baby's food within 1 year old do not need to be salted.

As parents we should be aware of those issue,and take care of our baby well.

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