To My Won't Sleep Baby (part one)

To My Won't Sleep Baby (part one)

To be parents are the most happiness things on our life,but there are many worst things too,just like the following things:all parents don't sleep well.As we all known,All babies wake at night,And when you have a nocturnal baby, it's not just the hours of darkness that are hard.

Day and night blur into one and you begin to wonder whether you're destined never to sleep again.

The following is a litter from one mommy,
I knew I was going to be tired when you were born. Everyone had warned me that you don't know the true meaning of tiredness until you've experienced life with a newborn. and I took those sleepless nights in my stride.

I didn't mind too much and couldn't put you down in the evenings, or that I was feeding you every two hours throughout the night. Yes, I was tired, but I knew it was to be expected.

But as the weeks passed, it dawned on me that you weren't going to be one of those babies who slept through by 12 weeks. Or even by six months.

One by one, friends' babies started sleeping through the night. But you didn't.

When they asked me if I was getting any sleep yet, I have no words. But every single broken night felt like it was bringing me one step closer to insanity.

I tried everything I could to get you to sleep. I fed you – constantly, or so it seemed. I rocked you, every minute fearing I was making a rod for my own back. Things all packed by lekebaby diaper bag,and I tried putting you in a sleeping bag, and under sheets and blankets. I gave you a dummy. I encouraged you to suck your thumb. I played white noise. I gave you dream feeds. I put my pyjama top in your bed so you could smell me.

Nothing worked.

Some days didn't feel so bad, and I amazed myself by my ability to function on four hours' broken sleep.

But others were horrendous. You were ratty and tearful; I was ratty and tearful. If only you realised how much happier we would both be if you would actually sleep!

Some nights, when I'd just inched you back into your cot at 2am and your eyes sprang open, it was all too much and I had to walk away from you before I lost it.

Which means I'm sorry that sometimes, you heard me sobbing. I'm sorry for every time I thrust you into your daddy's arms in despair. I'm sorry that I told you to, ‘I am crazy,come on,baby'

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